Poster using text & image.

Final output that you are going to create.

Hello Friends!!!

Today i am going to show you how to make a cool  poster using some words & images.

So let’s start!  first create a new document in photoshop sized 800x600px, keep resolution 100 for better image quality.

use this settings.

after making document, fill the background layer with black color.

After that select the Horizontal type tool and place any text on all background as on my picture below.

Now it is time to add some picture here, take any picture of your choice. I took this one.

After doing this duplicate this layer by pressing ctrl+J,

then hide the original layer by clicking on its visibility in layer menu.

Now select upper duplicate layer, in image make selection by using pen tool on eyes of character.

Use feather to selection around 1px.(Shift+F6 or ctrl+alt+D)

After making selection use ctrl+ shift+ I to invert the selection, then press delete selected part of the image.

Now your image will look like this.

Press ctrl+D to remove the selection. Now visible the original hidden layer. Now make selection from text layer. In layer menu, click on text layer’s thumbnail by holding ctrl key.

After doing this your selection will look like this.

Select original image layer and then press ctrl+shift+I to invert the selection & then press delete to clear the image in selection. Deselect image with ctrl+D.

We are done! Thanks for reading this tutorial everyone, I hope you enjoyed it!
Final image!


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